Mokki Stay

Haliburton Highlands Resort


Mokki Stay is a magical experience created to help people connect deeper with the north, the forest and themselves, to find natural peace and tranquility. This North Dr escape on Eagle Lake was created for solitude, adventure or romance– the calling of the forest means something different for everyone. Our own experiences, traditions and love for the outdoors helps us bring a true personal touch to Mokki-Stay and each one of our guests. The forest is calling you to the magic of the north.



The brand identity is centred around creating a trustworthy, simple and modern experience for our guests. We use a modern geometric sans serif font combined with  clean geometric shapes and contrasting  organic lines evocative of the simplicity and minimalism of Scadinavian Design.  The organic  motif is symbolic of the forest trees, the lake and nature. 

haliburton highlands resort branding
haliburton highlands muskoka cottage