Peachy Fit, Online Fitness Classes


Our client, was launching a new fitness company for live online workouts. Because she is new to the industry, she needed a website that would help build trust and confidence and get people excited to do business with her. We also wanted to use automation on the website as much as possible so we added the commerce feature to offer class packs and monthly subscriptions.


We took our client's vision of what they wanted for their website and created a strategy for every element that would increase SEO and drive conversions.


More than 60% of customers will only ever see your website on their mobile device. This is not just a "nice to have" it is a requirement of any successful eCommerce store or website.


Your homepage should provide customers with a gateway to all content on your website. Small snippets of information about products, your story, or social combined with strong CTAs. Navigation categories should help users navigate to what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

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